Beer in English 🇺🇸 Now’s the time to unpack your English from wherever it has been hidden for the past few years, dust it off and give it a good work out with Megan our native from Ohio.

Swing by the Hub last thing on THURSDAY afternoon to have a beer and talk about current events and ideas for future events in English!

All levels are welcome. There’s no need to be shy, immerse yourself in conversation and you’ll learn a thing or two!

🍻 🇺🇸

Evento patrocinado por nuestra cerveza de confianza:


Dadas las circustancias el afroro será de 10 personas.

Se llevará a cabo el protocolo establecido para cumplir las normas de seguridad:
- Gel desinfectante de manos
- Temperatura
- Mascarilla obligatoria
- Distancia de 2 metros

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